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Dr. J. L. Redd, was raised in El Centro California and saw snow fall for the first time when his family moved to Utah at the age of 16. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Peru, South America. 


He has a Master’s Degree in Ancient Near East Studies and a Ph.D. in Family Science and Human Development. He taught in the Seminary and Institute System for 30 years and currently is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and owner of Solace Emotional Health – a clinic in Pleasant Grove, Utah that specializes in sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, marital therapy, depression, and anxiety.  He was recently released as the Bishop of the Cedar Hills 16th Ward, after serving for 6 years.  He and his wife Beverly have 7 children and teach the Cedar Hills Stake Missionary Prep class.  


Dr. Redd has a great love for the geography, language, people, spirit, and scriptures of the ancient Near East and Central America.  He directed tours for BYU Travel Study for 5 years and studied in Israel and Egypt for 10 months. He is the owner of Ensign Travel – a company that conducts tours to the Holy Land, Central America, and Church History sites. He loves Pina Coladas, Dutch-Oven cooking, scuba diving, golf, visiting ancient ruins in Israel and Central America, and spending time with his family in the warm weather and clear waters of the Caribbean.



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